The Pillow Ball

The PillowBall is the finest round cushion in the world.

There are five Pillow Ball sizes. A new limited-edition collection drops each year.


The Pillow Ball is a firm ergonomic sphere; crafted with textiles from luxury houses and AndrewYes originals.

Made locally in NYC. 


The organic ball structure inside the PillowBall takes

days of skillful assembly. ​

A gold coin says ‘Yes’ on each Pillow Ball. 





Mohair Velvet

Pillow Balls



Pillow Balls

Cotton Velvet 

Pillow Balls


Pillow Balls

Gold & FauxFur

Pillow Balls

A Solid Organic Core   

The PillowBall has a hand crafted core made from a plant-based fiber called Kapok. It is a cotton-like floss harvested from seed pods of the Ceiba tree (Ceiba Pentandra). As a renewable raw material, the pods are harvested seasonally and the giant tree remains unharmed. We never use feathers in our cushions. 

Kapok has been used for centuries from Mexico to the Amazon, West Africa, Java & Australia.

Kapok popular in the Baroque period it was used in furniture and bedding. It was essential in making life safety vests before the development of synthetic materials. 


Kapok fibre is buoyant, resilient, and repels water. It is also antibacterial, it's lightweight making it perfect for making a Pillow Ball. 

Pillow Ball Philosophy 

The Pillow Ball, by Andrew Yes, is the finest round cushion in the world. It's a lifestyle accessory. High-style furnishing together with well-being.


Roll a Pillow Ball in the  curve of your back. A new way to sit up right. A posture-prop allowing you to sit more

forward on your furniture. 

The Pillow Ball performs as an armrest for reading or texting. It sparks lively conversation. It’s irresistible to hug them.

The Science of spheres proves that a round silhouette brings 

angular architectural settings into balance. Feng-shui

masters revere circle power.


The Pillow Ball is created with care. 

Hand made by an incredibly talented team.

Made in NYC. 

mini pillow ball

©2018 by AndrewYes

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