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Hommemaker Andrew Yes

Are you looking for something sculptural, unique, and beautiful for your home? Are you tired of boring normal pillows, with their boring normal pillow shape? If so, let me introduce you to Andrew Yes. He looks like this: “Space rock pillow ball” “This is perfect for a modern space, or a little kid’s bedroom.” – Andrew is a friend of mine who lives in New York, where he works as an interior designer and a visual artist. You can see some of his wonderful work on his website. Recently, he started producing a line of beautiful products, including the fantastic spherical pillows shown below. They are a great accent for the sofa, the bed, or the floor and will keep people wondering “is that, like, a toy or a pillow?” Here is a selection of my favorites from his online store (you can view the entire collection here): This is one of my favorites, and the floral pattern is abstracted that it could totally work in a man-apartment. Also, I’m dying for this ottoman: This is perfect for a modern space, or a little kid’s bedroom. The next four appeal to my love of 90z color and pattern: Oh pretty Stitch pillow,

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