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Adorable: These BFF’s Bond over Design “Passion for artistry” -Refinery 29 Friendships usually have a sweet (and sometimes quirky) story behind them. Just think about how you and your best friends all met, and the methods you’ve taken to remain steadfast throughout the years. One look at Natalie Joos’ Tales of Endearment will give you a plethora of examples of how creativity is one way to keep things going, and her exploration of Arden Wohl and Andrew Yes’ friendship is a prime example. Wohl, the unofficial queen of vintage, met Yes, a designer, in film school at NYU. Now, the two have come together to showcase Yes’ latest collection of pillow balls, and at the same time, the passion for artistry that binds them. Click through to see these innovative pals and the pillow balls that we’ve become obsessed with. Photos by Natalie Joos VANESSA GOLEMBEWSKI -Refinery 29

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