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Huffingtonpost Andrew Yes

“From start to finish, BOFFO Show House is an intense tour of alternative interior arrangements that celebrate innovative designers… BOFFO is hosting the show house, curated by New York based designer Andrew Yes.” – The Huffington Post Andrew Yes, honorary designer of BOFFO Show House 2012: “This month, BOFFO Show House is showcasing installations of art, furniture and decor in an attempt to redefine the possibilities of the interior space. Housed in The Madison Jackson building in the Lower East Side, the show brings together artists, architects, designers, product manufacturers and galleries who jointly assembled four unique, bi-level apartment spaces under the themes of Nature, Future, Play and Work. The collaborative works in each space of the show house are essentially experiments in living, pressing the boundaries of contemporary arrangement. Peering into the Nature apartment, the space looks more like the entrance to a forest. Furry furniture and wooden benches sit amidst photographs of eerie landscapes. As you move into the individuals rooms within the space, you wander from woodlands all the way to an underwater scene with coral sculptures and stone furniture.

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