Andrew Yes is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. The Andrew Yes home furniture collection debuted at Barney’s New York 2012.
Andrew’s designs have been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Paper magazine, The Huffington Post, Town & Country Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, Luxe Interiors, Refinery 29, Vogue, Pop Sugar and  NBC’s Today Show. Andrew Yes began working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York at a young age and influenced Andrew’s work in interior design, wearable art, furniture, film designs, and fine art paintings and collage. The Andrew Yes Collection was launched at Barney’s New York and is also available at 4510 Dallas, Blue & Cream, East Hampton and Shop Harpers Bazaar; his wearable art jewelry was launched at John Derian, New York.

AY town-and-country
AY town-and-country
Luxe magazine andrew yes 2014 no price.jpg
Luxe magazine andrew yes 2014 no price.jpg

“My wish list includes colorful Andrew Yes Pillows for my white living room couch” Amanda Hearst, Town and Country Magazine

Harper's Bazaar Andrew Yes

The Bazaar Gift Guide 2014 “Andrew Yes Pillow Spheres” By Richard Majchrzak . Studio D Harpers Bazaar

Work-USM-Main-Boffo Show House W MAGAZIN
Work-USM-Main-Boffo Show House W MAGAZIN
Interni Andrew Yes

Italian design magazine features Andrew Yes Show House with Boffo NY.

Interior Design Andrew Yes

“The Boffo Show House with Andrew Yes featuring Cloud, Focus lighting’s installation of color-changing LED’s.” Interior Design Magazine, June 2012

Domaine Home Andrew Yes

Editorial Director Mat Sanders selects the Red Linen Pillow Ball by Andrew Yes for in top pics for Valentines Day Gifts for Men.
Interior Design Online Andrew Yes

Dress for Success Written by Annie Block , Mark McMenamin — Interior Design “Live Love Die Design.” That’s the tagline for Boffo, meaning sensational. Faris Al-Shathir and Gregory Sparks, 29-year-olds who met at the University of Pennsylvania during graduate school for architecture and landscape architecture, respectively, launched this New York culture nonprofit to provide exposure and networking opportunities for designers and artists via exhibitions and events. Al-Shathir and Sparks participated in this year’s Housing Works: Design on a Dime benefit by teaming up with the namesake founder of Andrew Yes Studio and artist Jessica Angel on a dining-room vignette inspired by 17th-century Flemish painters Johannes Vermeer and Pieter de Hooch and constructed with such found materials as wood from shipping pallets. But Boffo also organizes its own happenings. Take “Building Fashion,” for which five teams of architecture and interiors firms and clothing and accessories designers were asked to work together on two-week installations under the High Line park, in the former sales office for the HL23 apartments by 2010 Interior Design Hall of Fame inductee Neil M. Denari. Among the project

Andrew Yes Huffington Post Urquiola Katherine Brooks
Andrew Yes Huffington Post Urquiola Katherine Brooks
Cool Hunting Andrew Yes

To create custom designs specifically tailored for the space YES has been working closely with various designers and architects. The show itself will sprawl across four duplex condominium units with each separate unit expressing a theme—Work, Nature, Future, and Play. YES will also present some of his own designs and work at the Show House.

We Are the Market Andrew Yes

We Are The Market: Andrew Yes, designer and artist, experimented with furniture and design through themes of Work, Play, Nature and Future for BOFFO Show House. Since its inception in 2009, BOFFO has been building bridges between the design, fashion, architecture and art worlds by fostering eye-catching, ephemeral collaborations that invite the public to discover bespoke design environments. Founded by Faris Al-Shathir and Gregory Sparks, the non-profit is best known for its pairings of emerging designers and architects to create pop-up stores that push the boundaries of retail design. With its latest project, however, BOFFO decided to approach the world of interiors from a different angle, offering up their version of a show house. Interior designer and artist Andrew Yes was tasked with transforming four loft apartments, set in the former PS. 12 school building, into environments that explore the themes of Work, Play, Nature and Future. Describing the project, Yes said, “A lot of show houses are pretty conservative. Our goal was to create a new kind of show space that created relationships between established and lesser-known designers…


Adorable: These BFF’s Bond over Design “Passion for artistry” -Refinery 29 Friendships usually have a sweet (and sometimes quirky) story behind them. Just think about how you and your best friends all met, and the methods you’ve taken to remain steadfast throughout the years. One look at Natalie Joos’ Tales of Endearment will give you a plethora of examples of how creativity is one way to keep things going, and her exploration of Arden Wohl and Andrew Yes’ friendship is a prime example. Wohl, the unofficial queen of vintage, met Yes, a designer, in film school at NYU. Now, the two have come together to showcase Yes’ latest collection of pillow balls, and at the same time, the passion for artistry that binds them. Click through to see these innovative pals and the pillow balls that we’ve become obsessed with. Photos by Natalie Joos VANESSA GOLEMBEWSKI -Refinery 29

Refinery29 Andrew Yes

Andrew Yes Pillow Spheres in the home of Rachel Fleit. Written by Gabrielle Korn for Refinery 29

Andrew Yes Barneys New York Spaces
Andrew Yes Barneys New York Spaces

Barneys New York has debuted Andrew Yes' fun & flirty new collection of pillow balls, pillows, poufs. While the designer's work ranges from creating silk rugs and vegan home designs to furniture and lighting, it is his collection of pillows, poufs and pillow balls that really steal the show. Each item can be purchased in a range of vibrant and muted hues, giving designers and their clients the option to mix and match depending on their aesthetic.

Huffingtonpost Andrew Yes

“From start to finish, BOFFO Show House is an intense tour of alternative interior arrangements that celebrate innovative designers… BOFFO is hosting the show house, curated by New York based designer Andrew Yes.” – The Huffington Post Andrew Yes, honorary designer of BOFFO Show House 2012: “This month, BOFFO Show House is showcasing installations of art, furniture and decor in an attempt to redefine the possibilities of the interior space. Housed in The Madison Jackson building in the Lower East Side, the show brings together artists, architects, designers, product manufacturers and galleries who jointly assembled four unique, bi-level apartment spaces under the themes of Nature, Future, Play and Work. The collaborative works in each space of the show house are essentially experiments in living, pressing the boundaries of contemporary arrangement. Peering into the Nature apartment, the space looks more like the entrance to a forest. Furry furniture and wooden benches sit amidst photographs of eerie landscapes. As you move into the individuals rooms within the space, you wander from woodlands all the way to an underwater scene with coral sculptures and stone furniture.

Daily Candy Andrew Yes

“Standard throw pillows suddenly seem square compared to subtly psychedelic dyed batik spheres by NYC up-and-comer Andrew Yes.” -Danielle Bufalini, Daily Candy

Andrew Yes New York Spaces
Andrew Yes New York Spaces

New York-based artist and designer, Andrew Yes creates unique art, furniture, lighting, and, pillows of course! The vibrant and playful designs don't belie the functionality of the designs. Looking for a pillow ball? You got it. The YES man has it all. Take your pick from stripe, zig-zag, star, batik and star-patterned pillows to name a few. Endearing this company even more, each pillow is hand-made in the USA.

New York Spaces Andrew Yes

“Accessories play a strong role in establishing the home’s playful personality. The ball-shaped pillows near the B&B Italia swivel chairs are by artist Andrew Yes” “Elegant ingredients” – Written by Marjorie E. Gage – New York Spaces Photos by Joshua Mc Hugh Interiors by Utopus Studio
Luxe Andrew Yes

“Star Power…by Andrew Yes” – featured products on

Andrew Yes boffo show house pop sugar fu
Andrew Yes boffo show house pop sugar fu
Home Accents Today Andrew Yes

There’s always something exciting going on in the design world, and right now is no exception. Both recent and upcoming events showcase the creative continuum of design – that of the past and of the future. Pierre Frey is mounting an exhibition in its Paris showroom, featuring the work of illustrator and stage designer Jean-Denis Malcles. Beginning in 1941, Pierre Frey bought 20 of Malcles’s colorful and fantasy-filled drawings, which he then used to transform the concept of upholstery at Maison Pierre Frey. The exhibition, which runs from Sept. 7 to Dec. 15, marks the centenary of Malcles’s birth in 1912. Characterized by an innate sense of color, illusion and enchantment, the designs are as fresh, modern and relevant today as when they were first introduced. The first BOFFO Show House took place recently in New York, an avant-garde environment exhibiting works from Jenny Holzer, Stark Carpet, Cappellini, Patricia Urquiola, Jamie Hayon, Poltrona Frau and Eduardo Garza, among others. Curated by Andrew Yes, the show house featured four unique spaces specialized for the themes of Work, Play, Nature and Future

Refinery 29 Andrew Yes

“A Luxe Pillow Collection That’s Cooler Than Your AC” New York-based designer Andrew Yes’s pillow collections are just the thing. Ranging from vibrant chevron patterns to watercolor prints, Yes’s styles are the easiest way to add a bit of playfulness to your pad without getting too childlike. The unique geometric shapes — including Yes’s signature, spherical pillow ball — are the perfect accent for a non-traditional aesthetic. What’s more, they come in a range of materials including vegan leather (which we’re all about right now), to fit whatever your fancy. Written by Alison Ryncarz -Refinery 29

Work & Days Andrew Yes

Andrew Yes Helmet Lights Work & Days

Vogue Andrew Yes

Apartment design for Arden Wohl “Arden Wohl was born to customize. Her apartment …with the Help of friend, artist, Andrew (Yes) …the hallway has silk screened wallpaper made from a sketch… The living room is painted royal blue and dips at the corners like a canopy, and an eccentric bookshelf to hold her library of Colette, e.e. Cummings , Weegee and other treasures. Along with a collection of furniture that includes seventies looking white Ligne Roset sectional seating, a French antique glass dressing table, octagonal flat pack Japanese stools, and an Egyptian revival lamp…” -Vogue Magazine, July 2010
Tales of Endearment Andrew Yes

SAY YES TO PILLOW BALLS… Arden Wohl and Andrew Yes met while studying film at NYU. Arden, as you learned, went on to become a baking, vintage-wearing, headband-toting Veganist. And Andrew? Andrew started making pillow balls, or ball pillows, which ever way you want to look at it. The inside of the pillows is made of the material used to make life vests, hence their floating, pool toy capacities. And the outside is a colorful canvas. They are at Barney’s on Madison Avenue or on Andrew’s website. They’re also excellent gifts, so get shopping! -Natalie Joos featuring Natalie Joos in the Pool in Sagaponack, New York with an Andrew Yes Pillow Sphere.

Be Pillow Andrew Yes

“The artist behind the pillow spheres”

Pop Sugar interview with Andrew Yes

There are your typical show houses, and then there's the Show House: a wild, creatively beautiful, outside-the-box hotbed of design and art ideas. The BOFFO show house was curated by the arts and culture nonprofit group BOFFO, who worked with artist and designer Andrew Yes, named as the show house honorary designer, to create this absolutely awe-inspiring space. awe-inspiring space. We recently chatted with Andrew about the inspirations and process for the BOFFO show house.

Look Books Andrew Yes

Look Books Cator Sparks Design: Weekend at BOFFO’s By Frank Exposito A playroom turns into a dollhouse. Lasers shoot through dark bedrooms as an office explodes upward like a geometric tree. No, these aren’t the working concepts for a futurist Alice in Wonderland (though surely even Tim Burton would find these walls appealing). Things are slightly askew for the better at the first ever BOFFO Show House, where contemporary boundaries of living are tested and redesigned in four themes staged in four bi-level apartments. The Show House combines innovative furniture, art, lighting, floral arrangements, and even fragrance to create unique interiors across the hall from each other like a dorm floor magnified by proportion and personality. Work, Play (smelling of sweet, unwrapped candy), Nature and Future, though each behind their own door at The Madison Jackson on the Lower East Side, seem to coalesce together in an aesthetic of invention. Sometimes alien with its unfamiliar shadows, yet at others distinctly recognizable in Surrealist-like manifestos, these rooms are anything but usual. Arranged by the eccentric designer, Andrew Yes–with a name that already invites opportunity–notable de

Andrew Yes Dallas Magazine
Andrew Yes Dallas Magazine
LogoTV Andrew Yes

Logo / New Now Next Designer Crushes We’d Totally Take Home The Neo-Modernist Andrew Yes | New York, NY Part artist, part interior designer, this brooding mustachio recently made a splash with his ultra-modern designs at the BOFFO Show House in New York City. Check out his site for featured works and shop his collection of poppy pillow balls.

The Manual Andrew Yes

These festive pillows come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are covered with materials as varied as YES’ own “vegan leather” and selected antique tapestries. Each pillow his filled with kapok, which is a natural fiber made of seed pods from the Kapok tree that is also used in life preservers. The kapok fiber keeps the pillows light, buoyant and supportive, which makes the pillows an ideal fit in any living space. “Kids also love to scatter them on the carpet and roll on top of them.”

Tales of Endearment Andrew Yes

Get it! by Natalie Joos “Andrew Yes Pillow Spheres” As Seen in “The Tale of Arden Wohl” “SAY YES TO PILLOW BALLS…” “shop Andrew Yes Pillow Spheres” -Natalie Joos

Andrew Yes declaration honorarium boffo
Andrew Yes declaration honorarium boffo
Serendipity Andrew Yes

Playful Pieces “Unexpected shapes, unique details and rich textures transport us outside of our homes to decidedly more exotic locales. ” Written by Stephanie Horton Executive Editor Amy Levin-Epstein Andrew Yes Featured with Jonathan Adler, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Rose Tarlow, Lillian August, L’aviva Home. Andrew Yes Handmade cotton canvas Pillow Spheres and Star Pillows come in a rainbow of hues, each featuring intricate, cheerful patterns.

Lonny Andrew Yes

“We went mad for … Multicolor Pillow Sphere : Andrew Yes” -Irene Edwards, Lonny Mag

Hamptons Magazine Andrew Yes

“Andrew Yes’s pillows for the utmost in alfresco lounging.” – Amber Elliott, Hampton’s Magazine

AIT Architektur Andrew Yes
W Magazine Andrew Yes
Gulf Shore Life Andrew Yes

“Fun and fashionable pillows from Andrew Yes” -Judith Liegeois

Hommemaker Andrew Yes

Are you looking for something sculptural, unique, and beautiful for your home? Are you tired of boring normal pillows, with their boring normal pillow shape? If so, let me introduce you to Andrew Yes. He looks like this: “Space rock pillow ball” “This is perfect for a modern space, or a little kid’s bedroom.” – Andrew is a friend of mine who lives in New York, where he works as an interior designer and a visual artist. You can see some of his wonderful work on his website. Recently, he started producing a line of beautiful products, including the fantastic spherical pillows shown below. They are a great accent for the sofa, the bed, or the floor and will keep people wondering “is that, like, a toy or a pillow?” Here is a selection of my favorites from his online store (you can view the entire collection here): This is one of my favorites, and the floral pattern is abstracted that it could totally work in a man-apartment. Also, I’m dying for this ottoman: This is perfect for a modern space, or a little kid’s bedroom. The next four appeal to my love of 90z color and pattern: Oh pretty Stitch pillow,

NBC Today Show Andrew Yes

The Today Show on NBC featuring Andrew Yes Pillow Spheres in “Love Your Selfie” segment.

Surface Andrew Yes

Sponsored by Surface, Boffo Show House has transformed four apartments in New York…a former school house-turned-condo in the Lower East Side—into an “experiment in living.” The spaces are filled with contemporary and classic design pieces by brand such as Kohler, Lladró, Tres Trintas, Artek, and Marset. Curated by designer Andrew Yes, work by designers like Bec Brittain, Christophe Mathieu, Jaime Hayon, Jasper Morrison, Max Lamb, and ROLU was installed and grouped according to themes of Nature, Future, Work, and Play. (photos Evan Josephs)

Fashion and About Andrew Yes

And because the holidays haven´t finish, here is a very original way to give someone a very cool and different gift. The pillows by Andrew Yes, who is honorary designer at BoffoShow House, I had already let you know about it here . All pillows hand-maded in the U.S.are very stylish and beautiful works of art. Also, they have incredible and colorfull designs. My favorite is this one. Written by Angel Guerra

Andrew Yes at Japan's Harpers Bazaar