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This Pillow Ball style is a bookmatched pattern. 13" inch diameter, French imported 100% cotton canvas. 


Available in -16 inch


The Pillow Ball is an artisianal, firm, round cushion designed by Andrew Yes.

It is furniture that combines quality, sustainability and good design taste with well-being.


The exterior is tailored with top quality textiles.

The core is 100% organic kapok that is densely packed and shaped into a very firm-suportive sphere.


The "YES" gold logo coin is embroidered onto to every Pillow Ball.


Hand made in NYC. 


The Pillow Ball is desinged to be a happy focal point for any room and perform as a body rest for leaning or siting. It is an interactive playful interior design available in an array of colors, fabrics and diameters.

The science and mathematics behind spheres proves that a round silhouette brings angular architectural settings into balance. Feng-shui professionals utilize the powers of spherical geometry to fill a space with positivity.


The Kapok we use inside the pillow ball is a beautiful and resilient material. It repels water, it's antibacterial and its lightweight making it perfect for a Pillow Ball. Kapok is a cotton-like fiber that grows in the seed pods of the Ceiba tree.  It's a sustainable raw material, seed pods from this large tree are harvested seasonally. Historically kapok was used to make life-safety vests due to its buoyant properties. 

Black and White Star Pillow Ball-M

  • This Pillow Ball 

    • 17 inch diameter
    • 100% Cotton
    • Gold plated Andrew Yes charm 
    • Zipper closure
    • Muslin liner
    • Kapok fill
    • Three Sizes available: S-M-L


    Product Care

    • Dry clean only


    Safety Information

    • Products are for decorative purposes only and are not intended for use as a toy.
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