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Introducing the Andrew Yes Cream Wool Shearling Pillow Ball. Made with a 100% natural plush wool textile made in Italy. These Pillow balls have the look and feel of wool shearling but, unlike traditional shearling, our textile features a woven backing. This ingenious design ensures durability without compromising on comfort. No leather here—just pure softness against your skin. Your fingers will sink into these spheres enveloping you in warmth and softness. They're like a gentle hug for your body.



MINI —7 inches diameter. (8.5 inches diameter including the deep pile plush wool)

SMALL — 9 inches diameter (10.5 inches diameter including the deep pile plush wool)

MEDIUM —11 inches diameter (12.5 inches diameter including the deep pile plush wool)



The Andrew Yes Cream Wool Shearling PillowBall. You have discovered the best ball shaped pillow. It's an artisanal designer spherical cushion that is much more than a pillow. Expertly crafted to be firm and durable to lean on, it's a finely made piece of furniture. Designed with luxury designer textiles, organic hypoallergenic sustainable fill and tagged with a gold coin embossed with the word "YES". 


The Andrew Yes PillowBall is a perfectly spherical furniture cushion available in a range of creative designs, stylish colors and practical sizes. They are handmade in NYC, crafted with expert construction techniques and high-end textiles. 


The Yes PillowBall is designed to stay round, so it never looks lumpy or out of shape. The Pillow Ball is designed to be firm, supportive, and durable. It’s filled with densely packed kapok that is carefully shaped into a ball. Inside there is a cotton liner; it's closed with a quality zipper and finished with a gold tag that says "Yes". Because positivity is the best accessory!


The Pillow Ball is designed to be an elegant and fun design element and performs as a body rest for leaning and siting ergonomically. Use it as an arm rest. Use PillowBall’s for color-therapy to uplift your mood and energize your surroundings. Use the PillowBall as an accent, to add dimension to your seating for a layered look. Select Pillow Balls that expresses your style and use them to upgrade and enhance your space with a personalized touch.


Designers and collectors use the PillowBall for its spherical geometry to create an atmosphere of softness, friendliness and positivity. The round silhouette of a sphere helps to balance linear and angular elements of any space.


The Kapok used inside the PillowBall is a cotton-like fiber that grows in the seed pods of the Ceiba tree. It repels water, it's hypo allergenic, antibacterial, lightweight and a sustainable raw material.


The Yes PillowBall is the best ball cushion ever made and you will love how they look and feel in your home.

Cream Wool Shearling Pillow Ball

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