This Black Pillow Ball style is made from an deep pile extremely smooth silky viscose faux-fur.

13” diameter 


Pillow Ball is a firm ergonomic sphere; expertly crafted with textiles from luxury houses and AndrewYes. Designed & Made in NYC.


A limited-edition collection drops annually. You can choose from five Pillow Ball sizes.

The ball structure inside is organic.

A PillowBall takes days of skillful assembly to achieve the perfect shape, structure, and quality.

A gold coin says ‘Yes’ on each of your Pillow Balls.


The Pillow Ball combines high-style & well-being. The exterior is tailored with textiles from luxury houses. Hand made by an incredible team in the United States.


KAPOK is a fiber “floss” harvested from seed pods of the Ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra). As a renewable raw material, the pods are harvested seasonally and the giant tree remains unharmed. Kapok fibre is buoyant, resilient, and repels water. It is also antibacterial, it's lightweight making it perfect for making a Pillow Ball.

Faux-Fur Black Pillow Ball

  • This Pillow Ball 

    • Faux Fur
    • Gold plated Andrew Yes charm 
    • Zipper closure
    • liner
    • Kapok fill


    Product Care

    • Dry clean only


    Safety Information

    • Products are for decorative purposes only and are not intended for use as a toy.