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This Pillow Ball style made from Hand-Dyed Linen by Andrew Yes, 100% Linen, in alternating shades of Grey and Light Grey. 


Three sizes available:

S 10”

M 12”

L 16


The Pillow Ball, by Andrew Yes, is the finest round cushion in the world.

It is furniture that combines high-style with well-being.


The exterior is tailored with textiles from luxury houses.

The core is 100% organic kapok shaped into a firm-suportive sphere.


A miniature gold medal is appointed to every Pillow Ball with the Andrew Yes Royal-Seal guaranteeing elegance and expertise.  


Hand made in NYC.


Rolling a Pillow Ball to the curve of your back will be a comfortable posture-prop allowing you to sit more comfortably on your furniture.

Sitting by your side, the Pillow Ball performs as an armrest for reading or texting. It sparks lively conversation. It’s irresistible to hug them, put your feet up and rest your head  on the Pillow Ball.

The science behind spheres proves that a round silhouette brings angular architectural settings into balance. Feng-shui masters know their secret power.


KAPOK is a cotton-like fluff or “floss” harvested from seed pods of the Ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra). As a renewable raw material, the pods are harvested seasonally and the giant tree remains unharmed. It has been used for centuries in Mezo America, West Africa, Java & Australia. Kapok boomed during the Baroque, used in furniture and bedding. The fluff was essential in making life safety vests before the development of synthetic materials. Kapok fibre is buoyant, resilient, and repels water. It is also antibacterial, it's lightweight making it perfect for making a Pillow Ball. 

Lucky Charm Grey Pillow Ball

  • This Pillow Ball

    • 16 inch diameter - Medium
    • Grey/ Light Grey
    • 100% Linen 
    • Gold plated Andrew Yes charm 
    • Zipper closure
    • Muslin liner
    • Kapok fill
    • Three Sizes available: Small-Medium-Large


    Product Care

    • Dry clean only


    Safety Information

    • Products are for decorative purposes only and are not intended for use as a toy. 
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