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illow Ball

The Pillow Ball is a furniture collection of spherical cushions

available in a range of beautiful colors, textiles and five sizes.​

The first collection launched at Barney’s New York in 2012 

and is available at

The Pillow Ball is the perfect furniture accent.

It is ergonomic home-couture.

Pillow Balls harmonize a room with their circular silhouette, add dimension on a sofa or bed and unify a home’s aesthetics.

The PillowBall gives a clean calm look to a room.


Adding a PillowBall is great way to customize a space with colors and textures that work with the unique style of your home.

There is a size to fit the specifications of any living space,

from 6 to 18 inch diameter balls. 

Pillow balls look great as one ball, a matching pair or

as a grouping of balls in graduating sizes.


PillowBalls are firm so you can use them for back-support support,

to optimize a pose or as a leg and arm-rest. 

Pillow Balls have therapeutic benefits in the same way that hugging, cuddling and holding a pet or baby does.  

​The Pillow Ball is made in New York with high-end textiles and premium construction techniques. The firm core of the Pillow Ball is constructed from a densely-packed, organic-renewable, plant-based fiber called kapok. This material makes the Pillow Ball light weight, hypo-allergenic, and strong.

Each Pillow Ball is tagged with the signature Andrew Yes gold-coin embossed with the word 'Yes' to pair the most positive word 

with the positivity of the PillowBall.

The Pillow Ball is a furniture collection by Andrew Yes.

New York, New York. c. 2012.


Mohair Velvet

Pillow Balls



Pillow Balls

Cotton Velvet 

Pillow Balls


Pillow Balls

Gold & FauxFur

Pillow Balls

Five sizes

size chart Pillow Ball Andrew Yes measur

Mohair Velvet
Pillow Balls

Gold  &  Faux Fur
Pillow Balls

Cotton Velvet 
Pillow Balls

Raw Hemp
Pillow Balls

Pillow Balls

Pillow Ball Philosophy 

The Pillow Ball, by Andrew Yes, is the finest round cushion in the world. Both stylish and utilitarian it's furniture design that provides physical and visual well-being. 


Use the Pillow Ball for personal support on your sofa to optimized posture; Utilize a grouping of balls to reflect your individual style through choice of colors, patterns, size and texture. 

The geometry of the circular silhouette works to bring angular architectural settings into balance. Design professionals revere the power of the sphere. Our Pillow Ball collection will provide your domestic space with  these properties essential to  your  home seating areas. 


The Pillow Ball is expertly built by hand in New York and Andrew forms each piece  himself before it is shipped to you. The Pillow Ball is a quality design that will last you a lifetime. 

A  Solid  Organic  Core   

The PillowBall has a hand crafted core made from a plant-based fiber called Kapok. It is a cotton-like floss harvested from seed pods of the Ceiba tree. A renewable raw material, the pods are harvested seasonally and the giant tree lives on. Kapok fiber is buoyant, resilient, and repels water. It is antibacterial and lightweight perfect for giving a long life to each Pillow Ball. 

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