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Cotton Velvet Pillow Ball

black, red, pink, jade, sky.

Clean, classic and grounding. 

Excited about mohair velvet?

Andrew found the best! 

High performance 

luxury textiles.

Mohair velvet PillowBalls:

pastels pink, green and grey.

The royal accent is a fluff-ball 

and a high-gloss gold ball.

Medicinal Decór

a  wabi-sabi Pillow Ball. 

A re-mix with Chinoiserie toile. 

Available in charcoal and vivid plum.

mini pillow ball RM.blue.pink.WEB9.jpg
Andrew Yes Cieba Tree botany lecture

The kapok tree. Photo taken by Andrew in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kapok is inside the Andrew Yes Pillow Ball. A cotton-like fluff protects the seeds inside pods. The floss is is collected from the pods and harvested sustainably.